Local Related Links


www.leicestershireparishcouncils.org/snarestone - Snarestone's Parish council pages, hosted by the Leicester Parish Councils and maintained by Snarestone's Parish Clerk.

www.ashbycanal.org.uk - Ashby Canal Association pages.

http://hometown.aol.co.uk/davidmhol/index.html - Local man, David Holland's site about the canal from Shackerstone to Snarestone.

www.canals.btinternet.co.uk/canals/ashbyzouch.htm - More of Ashby canal.

www.applebymagna.org.uk - Our neighbouring villages website.

  www.applebyscouts.co.uk  - Local Beavers, Cubs and Scout group

  http://www.beat32.co.uk/     Is the Leicester Police web site for the local beat (Beat 32) which
specifically covers Snarestone, Measham, Appleby etc..
Up to date info on the latest crimes and observation requests.