Letter dated 30 September, 2009

Dear Mr Blunt
On behalf of our parishioners, we wish to register our objection to the above proposal by UK Coal.
The Minorca Opencast Protest Group and the various speakers at the recent meeting in Measham have expressed our parishioners’ views eloquently enough not to need further reiteration. This application is unwanted, unpopular and unjustifiable – please do not grant it.
If you are minded to grant this application in the face of public opinion, we shall insist on a number of conditions, particularly regarding guaranteed restoration of the site after extraction has been completed; a 500 metre buffer zone to protect the nearest inhabitants during extraction; an undertaking that the fire clay will not be stored on site; absolute protection from dust/noise/light pollution for human residents and livestock as well as the flora and fauna within the SSSI; etc.
As UK Coal have offered ‘planning gain’ to the local canal restoration group (which, to be fair, is a minority interest group), we believe that this sets a precedent regarding prior compensation and is an admission that the company is seeking to placate local people. If this application is allowed, we would look for some form of advance financial compensation, particularly for the residents of Measham, Swepstone and Snarestone, which can be used to benefit the local communities.
We look forward to hearing that this application has been refused.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Driffill
73 Main Street, Snarestone, Derbyshire DE12 7DB
Tel.: 01530 272876 or 07966 97 00 66. E-mail: mikeallen73@tiscali.co.uk