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Village Website - Vacancy

It has been 10 years now since I set up this village website on behalf of the good people of Snarestone. Whilst one of the most appealing aspects of living in Snarestone is the fact that not much happens on a daily basis, there are still things going on with the Pantomime, the Tote Committee, village trips, duck races, Christmas parties, litter picks, parties in the park, fundraising events, school events, neighbourhood watch and of course, an active Church programme. All of these things benefit by being represented on this website, and it is with a heavy heart that I have to admit that I just don't have the time to give the site the attention it deserves anymore, and feel that it would benefit from a new lease of life under the guidance of a new owner.

The site has been mainly subsidised by our Parish Council, so it is not a financial drain to take on. What I believe it now needs is a new, more up to date method of publishing as the one used at present is getting dated, so if you have any experience of any publishing tools that would be a bonus. Obviously, there is a lot of content already accumulated over the years on this site, and I will be more than happy to pass on photographs etc so that some continuity onto a new site can be maintained, if preferred.

Its also worth remembering that it is the mix of people that makes our village so special, so it is important to try and adopt a 'neutral' style of journalism if at all possible! I have tried to avoid making this "My view of Snarestone" as it is still used as a reference by people coming to the village and it is also the first site in the Google list when searching for Snarestone.

If you think this is something that you would be able to take on, then please contact me at


Thank You


Swepstone Church Roof Appeal

Please see the following letter from Bob Walsh, who is seeking assistance following the terrible theft of the lead from the church roof in Swepstone. As this is one of our sister parishes, it is an opportunity to demonstrate some of Snarestone's community spirit and help out as much as we would appreciate help if something similar had happened to St Bartholomews. Above all it sounds like there could be a good evening out involved too, and when has that been a bad thing, especially as it all helps to preserve the church that Debbie and I got married in! Thank you, Richard.

"We are proposing a fund raising event in aid of the Swepstone church roof repair following the theft of the roof lead. I am looking for anyone who is looking to join me and give time and effort to form a SHORT term committee/group to help organize and implement the event.

The idea is to organize a "FUN" auction for all participants to enjoy, where donated items, vouchers, time and or skills can be auctioned off at fun prices.

The goal is to involve a wide group from the surrounding parishes as well as Swepstone. The Group/Committee will need to spread the word, collect donations, sell tickets/Bidding cards and assist in the evening.

It is envisaged we would select a venue and date and conduct a short sharp campaign.

If "YOU" are willing to help, please contact me at: or T/P 01530 273505

Bob Walsh"

2015 Snarestone Duck Race

The weather was kind again for this years Duck Race, held on Spring Bank Holiday Monday. Another good crowd gathered to witness the spectacle, and were greeted by a well prepared course, thanks to some impressively industrial mowing by local farm legend, John Davies. Another treat was the ducks themselves, as the weary ducks of previous years were replaced by a sparkling new heard, all new to the race and unaware of the courses twists and turns and inevitable pitfalls. The flow of the stream was perfect for a steady race, and this lead to a winning time of approximately 20 minutes, which was good value for money for the spectators, especially as entry was free.

The lucky winners were as follows;

1st: Duck Number 278: Mark Bayles (L&W): £150

2nd: Duck Number 446: Isobel Relf £75

3rd: Duck Number 82: Di Barnard £25

Last Duck: Number 265 : Roger Browning (L&W) £50

Any profits made go to the Snarestone OAP and Children's fund, organised by the Snarestone Tote Committee.

Thank you to everyone who supported this event, by either coming along or by sponsoring a duck, it is much appreciated.

Quarry Lane Closure for Roadworks

Quarry Lane is to be closed for HV Cable laying, with work due to start on Tuesday 26th May, and expected to last for up to 2 weeks.

Diversions will be in place via Main Street, Measham Road, Gallows Lane and Bosworth Road. The Notice was issued by Martin Powell, Clerk of works, and there will be a press release to confirm dates and details two weeks prior to work commencing. The section of Quarry Lane affected will be approximately between the driveway down to the canal terminus and The Old Dairy towards the junction with Bosworth Road.



Grand Christmas Draw Results 2014

1. Flat Screen TV - 3589 - Laura Davies

2. DVD Player - 5087 - Claire Aris

3. Hamper - 5378 - Steve Dixon

4. Neon Gift Set - 1230 - James Evans

5. Whiskey - 3604 - Oscar Davies

6. Potatoes - 0817 - Ryan O'Grady

7. Champagne - 0131 - Lara & Ellis

8. Red Wine - 3772 - Shannon (L&W)

9. After 8's - 1442 - Debbie Evans

10. Thorntons - 5050 - Thompsons

11. Note Papers - 2440 - Olive (Di's Mom)

12. Merlot Wine - 4184 - Neil and Katrina

13. After 8's - 0052 - Mrs Gee

14. Jigsaw - 5582 - Craig Lawson

15. Book of Ideas - 2937 - A. Moon


Congratulations the the winners and Thank You to everyone who took part.


Bonfire Night - Saturday 1st November - Thanks For Your Support


The Snarestone Tote Committee would like to Thank Everyone who came and supported this years Bonfire and Firework display, held at the globe on Saturday 1st November. Once again, the event lived up to its reputation as a friendly village run evening, with some quality burgers and hotdogs, a massive bonfire and its usual impressive firework display. The weather stayed dry, albeit a little blustery at times and it was great to see so many of you come and join the fun. Without your support, events such as this could not continue. Thanks to Brian and his team at the Globe for enabling the event to continue under its new management and trusting the Tote Committee to run the event.

We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Harvest Festival

This year's Harvest Festival held at St Bartholomews Church once again brought out an incredible variety of talent from in and around the village. From ballerinas to bands, young and old enjoyed poetry and piano, culminating in the Snarestone Panto Choirs "Les Miserables in 25 minutes". All accompanied by wines and food superbly put together to fill the church with positivity and proof that a village community can adjust and prosper in modern times. Below is the poem presented by Tim Shaw during the evening...

Snarestone – A Personal View
Snarestone is a village,  home to just a few
The smallest place that’s signposted along the ‘42
It has a Pub, a Church,  a School,  a Canal tunnel long
It used to have a railway line,  but that has long since gone
It’s housed farmers,  it’s housed miners,  plus a murderer and a ghost
It was first owned by a guy called Bob,  the Domesday record host (Robert the Dispensator)
The register of St.Bart’s goes back to 1559,  rebuilt in 1752 it’s stood the test of time
There are cottages,  grand houses,  some ancient and some new
It stands slightly elevated so commands a splendid view
I first came to the village back in 1983
I was a barman in the Globe,  I was single, young and free
Derek ran a thriving pub,  a joyous place to be
I got to know the locals,  and they got to know me
My first true friend was Mrs Clamp,  she’d pop round every night
For her ciggys, chocs and ale,  and to put the world to right
It was characters like Betty who were the fabric of the place
They always cheered you up and put a smile upon your face
For it’s the people that make Snarestone such a unique place to live
Who help with all that’s going on and have so much to give
Be it  Panto,  Church or Garden Club,  Duck Race or the School
They find a way to get things done,  resources they will pool
The friendships I have made here just grow stronger every year
Great company,  compassionate,  amusing and sincere
The farms have all but disappeared,  the pits have all gone too
There’s lots of National Forest now,  a source that will renew
The canal’s just used by tourists, but they come to a dead end
It was filled in, now it’s being dug out,  you cannot comprehend
There are lots of different accents now,  from far and wide they come
From Leicestershire, from Derbyshire,  and even some from Brum
They seek out the rural idyll that you cannot quantify
It exists right here in Snarestone,  but we know not how or why
Some families stay forever whilst some others just pass through
Having been here 30 years or more,  some still say “who are you”
My Grandsons will be fifth generation down at Valley Farm
A place within the parish with its own endearing charm
Where my children grew,  were baptised here,  came to the village school
Saw their Dad in pantomime which was just “so uncool”
I hope that Snarestone stays for them a place they want to be
I hope it means as much to them as it has meant to me
I hope they too find friendships that will last eternally
In an ever changing a world,  a little piece of constancy
So here we are together at this harvest supper time
To share a joke,  a song,  a tune and even the odd rhyme
For me,  this is what being here,  is really all about
So let’s raise a glass together,  and let me hear you shout
To Snarestone
Tim Shaw – 18th October 2014

People of Snarestone

Seppo has been taking pictures again! He has a gallery on his website of some local faces in their various walks of life on the following link, well worth a visit. Thanks Seppo for sharing these with the village. (This will open in a new window)

Duck Race Results, Monday 26th May.

The Annual Snarestone Duck Race was run this year under grey skies and the odd drips of rain, but nothing heavy enough to dampen the spirits of the large crowd who turned up to witness this years event. A big Thank You to all who supported the race by sponsoring a duck.

The results are as follows;

1st Duck - £150 - 657 - Nick (Turpins)

2nd Duck - £75 - 368 - D & S Gee

3rd Duck - £25 - 695 - Sue Carr (C/o James)

Last Duck - £50 - 331 - Lisa Perry (c/o Emma Pepper)


Children and OAPs Christmas Party, Norton Juxta Twycross village hall, Saturday 14th December

This Saturday saw the Tote Committee put on the annual Snarestone Children and OAP Christmas Party, with a luxury coach transfer to Norton village Hall, food and drink to accompany the party games and of course the visit of Santa himself to give all the good boys, girls and older folk of the village a small gift to tide them over until the big day later in the month. A great time was had by all.

During the evening, the Grand Christmas Draw took place, with the winners as follows.

1. Portable Flat Screen TV - 1732 - Sean Warner (Land & Water)

2. DVD Player - 2484 - John Davies (Senior)

3. Christmas Hamper - 1333 - Tom O'Grady

4. Neom Gift Set - 3270 - Di Barnard

5. Whiskey - 4806 - June Clarke

6. 25kilo sack of potatoes - 3989 - Dee c/o Simon

7. Chocolate Reindeer - 3989 - Felix Davies

8. Festive Cake - 3488 - Chris Corrall c/o Di

9. Heroes Chocolates - 2882 - Malcolm Boam

10. 1 Meter box of Cadburys Fingers - 2370 - Harry Davies

11. Celebrations Chocolates - 4604 - Debbie Evans

12. Festive Plum Pudding - 4697 - James Boddy c/o Richard

13. Wine - 2446 - Jane Davies

14. Reindeer Headgear - 5968 - David Gee

15. Fridge Magnet Scrabble - 1484 - Tony Alladice (Geoff)

16. Wine - 5546 - Christine.


Thank You for all who took part, and congratulations to the winners.



Bonfire Night


THANK YOU! to everyone who came and supported this years Bonfire and Firework bonanza at the Globe on Saturday night.

The weather was kind and dry albeit a bit breezy, but didn't affect the enjoyment of the evening for all who came. A combination of fine quality BBQ food, washed down with drinks from the pubs outside bar as we enjoyed the impressive 25 minute Firework display, enhanced by Percy's famous sparklers meant that a good night was had by all all.

The Tote Committee would like to thank the Globe for their support of the event, and everyone else who assisted with bonfire construction, food, first aid and organisation on the night. It is much appreciated and all helps to making this one of the best run and friendliest organised event in the area.

See  Village Events for pictures from previous years.

The Tote Committee run a weekly Tote on a Sunday night in the Globe, raising funds for events such as this Christmas Party for the Children and OAPs of the village and a Summer Mystery Trip, amongst others. If you wish to find out more, email this website, or ask about the Tote in the Globe, where you will usually find at least one of the Tote Committee on a Sunday evening.


Planning Issues

The planning process surrounding recent and current applications in the village has caused some residents of Snarestone a great amount of concern and in some cases upset. One lesson learnt is that ALL objections are made at ALL stages of application, even if a notification of an amendment indicates that this is not necessary. It is important that the NWLDC Planning Department is made aware of the villages architectural integrity and community structure. This can only be achieved by advising the following people of any concerns you may have. - Planning and Development Team Manager - Conservation Officer


It it their responsibility and duty to see that the villages applications are dealt with in a fair and correct manor.



Neighbourhood Watch

Message sent by Phil Caswell (Police, CEC, Loughborough)

The police in North West Leicestershire are inviting residents to take part in their next joint online webchat.
Officers will be available online on Tuesday 16th July, between 7.00pm and 8.00pm to discuss local issues and answer any questions you may have.
You can take part by visiting to discuss any issues or concerns in your area, or to find out more about your local police officers.
On the panel will be PC 2925 James Broomfield, Beacon Officer for the Bardon Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team, and PC 819 Steve Harrison who is the Beacon Officer for the Forest Safer Neighbourhood Team. They will be happy to answer PC Harrison said; “If you live or work in, Measham, Oakthorpe, Ashby Wolds and Donsisthorpe, or Thringstone, Whitwick, Agar Nook, Greenhill, Ellistown and Ibstock, please join in and chat directly to your local officers. You do not have to register or log in to take part in the webchat.”
Officers from North West Leicestershire hold regular webchats. For details of other upcoming and past online chats please visit
Visit for further information about how to contact your local neighbourhood team.
Local people can also sign up to Neighbourhood Link, to receive updates on local policing issues from Leicestershire Police

Snarestone Talent In Full Glare at Appleby Magna, Saturday 6th July

On Saturday 6th July, there was a much rehearsed (Unusual, I know) musical display offered by the Snarestone Pantomime Group, who despite performing at last years festival, were asked back this year for more of their alternative entertainment offered between sets by local bands on the main stage at the Sir John Moore School, Appleby Magna. Last year, they filled the tent, although some have commented that their performance did coincide with a heavy downpour of rain. This year though, they were sadly cut off in their prime by a sound engineer determined to stick to a schedule that didn't have anyone on for another 45 minutes. All a bit unfortunate for the team and those that had travelled and rehearsed as well as those that had come to offer support.

Also back for their second year, were Snarestone's own 'Killjoys',  a young trio of local lads with their selection of covers and some of their own material, fresh from their Pop in the Park performance at Market Bosworth. Thankfully, they were able to finish their set as planned, and were grateful for all the support and cheers they got on the day. Thank you again.

Temporary Road Closure

Please see the following press release issued by NWLDC on 26th June 2013; *** Now re-opened on July 17th.



Leicestershire County Council has granted the temporary closure of Snarestone Road, Newton Burgoland from Monday 8th July 2013 for approximately 1 week to carry out drainage maintenance works. 

During the closure the alternative route will be via:-

Swepstone Road, Snarestone; Newton Road, Swepstone and vice versa. 

Leicestershire County Council apologise for any inconvenience caused during these works"


Duck Race Results - 27th May, 2013.

Results are in for this years Duck Race, as follows:


1st : Duck 073 : Dave Jones (Produban) C/O Richard.

2nd : Duck 624 : Nick and Annette, C/O James.

3rd : Duck 187 : Keith Williams, C/O Di Barnard

Last Duck: 269 : Mark Cowell, (Land & Water), C/O Adrian.


For details and pictures, click here

Snarestone Panto loses its dear friend, Tilly.

On Friday 8th March 2013, we got the sad news that Margaret Haynes, known to many as Tilly, had passed away peacefully at home. Her funeral was held at Measham Church on Friday 22nd March.

For the Panto's tribute to Tilly, click here or go to the Pantomime page.


Annual Snarestone Litter Pick

The date for this years Litter Pick is Sunday 24th March. Meet at 10am at 38 Main Street, All equipment provided, refreshments from 11am.

All Welcome - Come for an hour or so and help clean up our village.

If you are able to come, please contact Liz Hayden on 271297.

This has been a very successful event in the past, with a remarkable amount of litter pulled from our verges and hedgerows. All support for this 'Spring clean' is welcomed.

A previous years 'pile'


Grand Christmas Draw 2012

The draw was made on Saturday, 15th December for this years Grand Christmas Draw, run by the Tote Committee in aid of the Snarestone Old Folk and Children Fund. Many Thanks to everyone who supported the draw by buying tickets. The first prize was drawn by Santa himself at the Christmas Party, with all the winners listed below.

1. Portable Flat Screen TV - Giselle Warner L&W - 3757

2. DVD Player - Simon Boam - 2657

3. Hamper - Darren (Roadtech) - 2911

4. Neom Gift set- Emma Pepper - 0446

5. Whiskey - David Gee - 3091

6. 25Kilo Sack of Potatoes - Steve Fletcher - 1449

7. Wine - Tracy Griffin - 2218

8. Whiskey - Land & Water - 3807

9. Quality Street - Tom O'Grady - 0505

10. Port - Brian Harley - 0288

11. Lindt Chocolates - Dave Oakey - 2343

12. Wine - Jo Timson - 1274

13. Wine - James Hunt - 4825

14. Leffe Beer - Kane Kootz - 1389

15. Picture Frame - Pauline Gee - 3312

16. Pinot Noir - Carol Davies - 4195

17. Chocolates - Janet & Lewis - 1939

18. 'Smellies' - Valerie (Roadtech) - 2972

19. Sudoku Puzzles - Holly Barnard - 2007

20. Spa Set - Olive (Di's Mom) - 2447

21. Chocolates - Nick Overton - 0807

22. Sequin Design set - Niamh Gascoyne - 2167

23. Turkish Delight -Keith L. (c/o Paul) - 2063      


Harold and May Thorp Remembered

Anyone who has had any contact with the village of Snarestone over the last 90 years or so will have, at some stage, come into contact with Harold and May Thorp. Sadly no longer with us, Harold and May were to many, the heart of the village's community. A farmer by trade, Harold went on to spend the majority of his retirement years proving his skills as a craftsman, creating bird tables, the village notice board, tables and even sculpturing some of the oak beams in Manor Barns! Their garden was to provide many a household with green beans, flowers and fruit, such was their generosity and desire to keep the village community spirit alive. Their kitchen was a meeting place, a warm, cosy environment with an open door policy where everyone was welcome and just about anything could be discussed. May's memory for everything and everyone from Snarestone's past was always entertaining to listen to, whilst warming your hands on one of Harold's 'potent' coffees! The truest reflection of the love that the village held for Harold and May was that no event could be celebrated without them being present, anniversaries, christenings, weddings, or birthdays. Those of us who were lucky enough to have known them can appreciate that much of village spirit present now originated with Harold and May.

Harold and Mays family have donated a Memorial bench, which will take pride of place in the centre of the village, near to the Harold's Notice Board.

The bench is seen here with Harold and May's Great Grandchildren. Many Thanks to the family, particularly their daughters Ann Marshall and Janette Thompson.



Another Snarestone Bonfire Night to Remember

This year saw the Tote Bonfire night take place on Saturday 3rd November, on what turned out to be a perfect, dry and mild evening. The event was brilliantly supported by locals, visitors, couples, families, friends and relations. Our thanks to the volunteers who helped to construct yet another fantastic bonfire, which was as big as ever, and eventually got going in fine style despite the recent wet weather. Thanks also to Neil, Vicky and the staff at The Globe for making sure that the bars were well manned and that the pub continues to be the perfect host venue for what is becoming a traditional event for many people now.  Once again, the fireworks did not disappoint, lasting over half an hour whilst people enjoyed the quality BBQ, before many retired to the cosy rooms of the pub to finish off their evening.


The Tote Committee would like to thank all those people who came and supported the event. We hope you enjoyed your evening as much as we enjoy running it, and look forward to welcoming you all back again next year. Thank You.





Jubilee Duck Race Results

Results from the Jubilee duck race held on 4th June:

1st - duck 535 - Jen Morrison c/o James Hunt

2nd - duck 085 - James Evans

3rd - duck 478 - Richard Lovett

Last - duck 609 - Malcolm Boam


Thank you to all who supported the event, there will be some pictures on this site soon.

Great British Summer 2012

This summer brings many reasons to be patriotic, with the Olympic games in London, England in the European Championships and of course the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations. To mark the occasion, this Jubilee Bank Holiday there will be an opportunity to join in and hopefully enjoy the festivities in glorious British sunshine!


Saturday 2nd June

Coaches at 7pm from The Globe for the short trip to Norton Village Hall, returning from 11:30pm.

£20 per adult and £5 per child.

There will be Hot Food (Pie, Mash and mushy peas), All drink and Live entertainment included.

To book your ticket, telephone Michael Gee on 272378 or 07896190769 or email

Ticket sales to village members only until May 26th when any remaining tickets will be made available to others.


Jubilee Duck Race

Monday 4th June, 10:30 for 11:00 start

The annual village Duck Race will this year be held on Bank Holiday Monday 4th June, 10:30 for an 11:00 start.

The usual venue on the Measham road, about a quarter of a mile down from Davies farm, with many ducks still available for sponsoring, this event helps to raise funds for the village Christmas Party and summer mystery trip.

If you want to sponsor a duck, track down one of your local Tote members to be safe, or there is sometimes some left on the day before the race starts.


Jubilee Party in the Park

Monday 4th June, 3pm

Weather Permitting, from 3pm on Snarestone Conery. FREE OF CHARGE.

Bring your own picnic and enjoy the fun and games. There will be a bouncy castle and entertainment of various standards! Hopefully the fun will shine and you can get yourself settled in your deckchairs and enjoy the company of your fellow villagers on this special occasion.



Results From the 2011 Grand Christmas Prize Draw

1st - 3876 - Flat Screen TV - Shawn Warner c/o Laws

2nd - 1588 - DVD Player - Keyprint

3rd - 2820 - Hamper - Lara (Roadtech)

4th - 2079 - Neom Gift Set - Berni Daniels c/o Di Barnard

5th - 2443 - Whiskey - Mr & Mrs Mounfield

6th - 4892 - Sack of Potatoes - James Hunt

7th - 5885 - Chocolates - Frank Clamp

8th - 5489 - Hazelnuts - Mr T. O'Grady

9th - 2923 - Red Wine - Alex Boam

10th - 1945 - White Wine - Alice & Alexander Gee

11th - 2386 - Christmas Crackers - Mr & Mrs Patterson

12th - 4040 - After 8's - Maddy Green

13th - 4054 - Corkscrew - Tim Archer


Thank you to everyone who supported the draw,

Happy Christmas from the Tote Committee.


The Tote Committee run a weekly Tote on a Sunday night in the Globe, raising funds for events such as this Christmas Party for the Children and OAPs of the village and a Summer Mystery Trip, amongst others. If you wish to find out more, email this website, or ask about the Tote in the Globe, where you will usually find at least one of the Tote Committee on a Sunday evening.

Snarestone's Round House



It has long been known that there used to be a Round House in the village. Former resident and keen historian, Mick Stretton, not only spoke of it, but actually still has the door, which is all that remains of this curious building. An almost identical building still stands at nearby Packington, and one of its their purposes' was believed to be a means of detaining drunkards overnight to keep piece in the village. (Perhaps we should build a new one?!). Its exact whereabouts remains a bit of a mystery, but thanks to Jill Stephens, we do at least now have photograph. Jill's mother was in possession of this picture and Jill kindly scanned it in for us after seeing and contacting this website. Thank you both very much for this little piece of Snarestone history.




Paul And Di Barnard successfully completed their Cycle for the Stroke Association

Paul and Di made it! For their story, click Here.

Snarestone Spring Duck Race

This years event was one of contradiction, in that the stream was running very low after many weeks without rain, however, for the duration of the event, the rain never stopped. There are some pictures of the day on the duck race pages or by clicking here.

The results are as follows,

1st:    Duck Number 076:    Anna Clarke, Sutton Coldfield    £150

2nd:    Duck Number 142:    Liz Lamparelli, c/o Di Barnard    £75

3rd:    Duck Number 561:    Niamh Gascoyne, Snarestone    £25

Last:    Duck Number 116:    Mike Allen, Snarestone:           £50


Snarestone Tote Committee would like to thank all those who supported this years event.

Snarestone Village Royal Wedding Celebrations

Pictures of the day are now available. See pictures here

Paul and Di Barnard Get on their bikes for The Stroke Association


Paul writes....

As some of you may know, my Mum suffered a severe stroke in 2005. Since leaving hospital, she has received amazing support from friends, family and complete strangers she or Dad just seem to befriend in the street!

As well as all these great people, Mum has received fantastic support from The Stroke Association. I know that if Mum was fit enough, she would do all she could to repay their kindness, so when I decided I would set myself the challenge of biking from Snarestone to Suffolk, 160 miles in 48 hours, it seemed logical to try and raise money for this worthy cause at the same time.

Training for this trip started in 2009, but was sadly interrupted when I fell off my bike and fractured a bone just below the knee. 2 operations, and a year later, training has resumed - I am more determined than ever that I will complete this challenge! Initially Di was just a training partner, but has since decided she would also join me on the trip.

The plan is to leave Snarestone at 3pm on Friday 29th April and reach Mum & Dad's village, Melton, near Ipswich, by 3pm on Sunday 1st May, with 2 overnight stays on the way.

This page is set up to make sponsoring us as simple as possible, so if you would like to support our cause in anyway, no matter how small, please make your donation here.

Any tips for saddle sores would be most appreciated!!!

Thank you in anticipation of your kind support,

Paul & Di


To support and sponsor the Barnards, go to their JustGiving page at



Children's and OAP's Christmas Party

A good time was had by all as the children and OAP's of the village were treated to another Christmas party packed with games, food, drink, music and friendship. Once again, everyone must have been quite good this year as we were treated to a visit by Santa himself.


The results from the Grand Christmas Draw are as follows;

1. Flat Screen TV - 1546 - Jane Davies

2. DVD player - 1448 - Ron Evans

3. Hamper - 4542 - Geoff Eaton

4. Beauty voucher - 2067 -Edward Green

5. Whisky - 2697 - Mark Jenkinson

6. Potatoes - 3079 - Jemma Britton

7. Brandy - 2203 - M. Boam

8. Gingerbread House - 2469 - Diane (Roadtech)

9. Red Wine - 2220 - Sean (Roadtech)

10. Whisky Fudge - 1193 - Richard Evans

11. Chocolates - 4371 - J.Park (Arla)

12. Chocolates - 2100 - Edward Green

13. Chocolate biscuits - 4275 - Janet & Lewis (Odd House)

14. Shortbread - 3800 - K. Gothard

15. Satsumas - 1266 - Debbie Evans

16. Stollen Cake - 2822 - Luke Jones (Land and Water)

17. Yule Log - 2360 Warren (Roadtech)


Thank you all for your support.


The Tote Committee run a weekly Tote on a Sunday night in the Globe, raising funds for events such as this Christmas Party for the Children and OAPs of the village and a Summer Mystery Trip, amongst others. If you wish to find out more, email this website, or ask about the Tote in the Globe, where you will usually find at least one of the Tote Committee on a Sunday evening.



Bonfire Night (6/11/10)


The Snarestone Tote Committee are again proud to announce their Annual Bonfire night event at The Globe. It will be on Saturday 6th November, from 6pm, with the bonfire lit at 6:30pm and fireworks at 7pm. There will be an outside BBQ as before. Its a 'proper' traditional bonfire night for all the family, so why not come along? Ticket prices are the same as the last 3 years, at £4 adults, £2 children and OAP's or £10 for a family ticket (2 adults and up to 3 Children/OAPs).

This will be the sixth year the Tote Committee has organised this event in its current run in co-operation with The Globe, and if last year is anything to go by, get there in good time to park and enjoy the atmosphere.

Any profits made will go towards the children and OAP's Christmas party.

See  Village Events for pictures from previous years.



Snarestone Paddlers Attempt Marathon Kayak in aid of the CF Trust (12/7/10)

We are glad to report that all of us completed the distance in 9hrs and 20mins.

The weather was excellent, and support from friends and relatives along the way was far more than we could have anticipated. Assisted by a magnificent support crew, there were no hitches, as the day went according to schedule. My thanks to everybody who helped on the day and of course to everyone who parted with their hard earned cash to sponsor us.

See some photographs of the day, CLICK HERE

If you still want to donate to the cause, you still can, at:

On behalf of all the Paddlers, Thank you.


Spring 2010 Duck Race - RESULTS



1st Prize - £150 -  Duck 544 - Alison Fleming

2nd Prize - £75 - Duck 9 - Matthew Evans

3rd Prize - £25 -  Duck 206 - Neil Thompson (Ibstock Brick)

Last duck - £50 - Duck 171 - Harry Barton


 Thank you to everyone who sponsored the ducks for your continued support of this event.

Click Here for some pictures from the event.


Litter Pick 2010

A Thank You from this years litter pick organisers;

"THE DIRTY DOZEN  -  no need to mention names, they know who they are - but many thanks to their commitment in meeting up on Sunday and collecting all sorts of litter from around the village of Snarestone.  Also thanks to those who make the effort throughout the year, not just on our litter pick day, to collect litter and get rid of it in a responsible way.  The village is a credit to you all - Thank you!"

If you have any queries, please contact Sue or Jim Kendrick on 515314 or email"

Pictures from the 2008 Litter pick can be seen in Village Events


Grand Christmas Draw Results, 2009

1st Prize - Portable Flat Screen TV - 5848 - Mrs Carol Davies

2nd Prize - HDMI DVD Player - 3487 - Mr Dan Bates

3rd Prize - Christmas Hamper - 2332 - JMC c/o Mark Hulse

4th Prize - Beauty Voucher - 2802 - Richard McLean (L&W)

5th Prize - Boxed Whiskey - 2887 - Nick (L&W)

6th Prize - Sack of Potatoes - 1479 - Alex C. (Odd House Inn)

7th Prize - Mini Hamper - 1155 - c/o Chubb

8th Prize - 3317 - Heroes Chocolates - Matthew Evans

9th Prize - Harveys Sherry - 1140 - c/o Chubb

10th Prize - Red Wine - 2229 - B. Harrison

11th Prize - Biscuits - 5581 - Pat Richmond

12th Prize - Tower of Treats  - 1284 - c/o Chubb

13th Prize - Rioja - 4456 - Tony c/o James Hunt

14th Prize - Gingerbread House - 1746 - Pete Greenfield

15th Prize - Rose Wine - 3403 - Joanne Timson

16th Prize - Biscuits - 3287 - c/o Debbie @ The Globe

17th Prize - Note Paper/Envelopes - 5795 - Win Muggleston

18th Prize - Champagne - 2952 - Mark Jenkinson

19th Prize - Brandy - 3279 - Tom Owen.


Congratulations to all who won, and many thanks to everyone who supported the draw by buying tickets.


Bonfire Night, Saturday, November 7th, 2009


This year saw another fabulous night had by all as the weather stayed fine and a good crowd came to enjoy a traditional bonfire event.



See Village Events and click on bonfire for more.





Duck Race Returns to Snarestone, Easter Monday, April 13th 2009.

The duck Race results were as follows;

                                     1st     £150 - Duck Number 170 – Clare Wileman

                                    2nd      £75 – Duck Number 676 – Keith Barrett (Ibstock Brick)

                                    3rd     £25 – Duck Number 13 – Jo Timson (Alliance & Leicester)


                                        Last Duck £50 -  Number 352 – Anya Atkins c/o Dani (Asda)

For a report on the event and plenty of photographs, see village events.

****LOST KEYS****


If you have lost a set of keys in the Village (Found on the evening of 26/3/09), please ring 07967 461004. You will then be asked to describe them and then hopefully we can re-introduce you to them!!


****LOST KEYS****

Litter Pick (17/3/09)

"Many thanks to all those who took the time and effort on Sunday morning's litterpick. Although numbers were a little disappointing, I think you will all agree by the picture that we were able to make quite an impression. Special thanks to Jayne Black from NWL.D.C. for her continued help and support in our battle against litter louts and fly tippers, she is one of the "good guys".
Also many thanks to Jez, Deb and the team at the Globe for there hospitality, and the P.C. for the complimentary drinks.
We have already pencilled in Sunday 14th. March 2010 for our next effort so don't say you weren't warned! 
Thanks again for your sterling efforts.
Jim and Sue"


Snarestone Pantomime Group

Snarestone Panto people have been busy preparing for this years performance of "Alice in Wonderland". Performances start on Wednesday 18th and run through until Saturday 21st, with a Matinee performance on Saturday afternoon. There are some new faces in the cast this year, and although Saturday is SOLD OUT, there may still be seats available for the earlier performances. If you are interested in coming along, contact Julie Clamp, any of the cast, or email this website at and have yourself an entertaining evening out. This will be the 11th year the panto has run, and over those years has raised thousands of pounds to local charities and good causes.

To have a look at previous productions, have a look at the dedicated Panto pages on this site at Pantomime.

Litter Pick - March 2009

Following on from last years highly successful litter pick, (see village events for last years pictures) recruiting has started for this years event. Please if you can, respond to organiser Sue Kendrick to offer any assistance you can. She writes..

As advertised in last month's Parish Magazine and on the Snarestone website, the second Snarestone Litter Pick has been arranged for Sunday, 8th March 2009 at 9:45 am for 10 am - starting and ending at The Globe Inn, where a well deserved coffee and biscuits will await you.  Should the snow be back with us and it be impossible to see the litter, we shall postpone the pick until the following Sunday, 15th March, with all other arrangements remaining the same
With your help we can make as big an impact as we did last year, so please come along and lend a hand.
It would help with arranging refreshments if you could let me know if you can make it.  Please call me on 01530 515314 or email me at
Hope you can make it -
Sue Kendrick"

Grand Christmas Prize Draw 2008 (14/12/08)

The draw was made at this years highly successful Christmas Party, resulting in the following prize winners :   

Portable TV Combi: 2014 Paul Horton (Arla)

DVD Player: 2747 Beryl Glover

Hamper: 2293 Rachel Dawson

Beauty Voucher: 1576 Margot Thompson

Sack of Potatoes: 1860 Helen Brown (C/O Adrian)

Vodka: Walsh (Bosworth Grange)

Thorntons Moments: 1770 Niamh Gascoyne

Ramsey Chocolates: 3053 Debbie Evans

Biscuits: 4837 Dave O. (C/O Di)

Chocolate Liqueurs: 1643 Norman Ripley

Thorntons Moments: 2523 Pat Richmond

Christmas Cake (1): 2801 Jane Davies

Christmas Cake (2):  2838 Kim Potts

Silver Key ring: 5156 Lara Gee

Bottle of Asti: 2594 Harold Thorp

Porcelain figurine (1): 1375 Chris Boam

Ramsey Chocolates: 2277 Tash

Rose wine: 3067 Richard Evans

Porcelain figurine (2): 1332 Simon Boam

Chocolate Biscuits: 4504 Ron Thomas

Pot Pouri & Quartz clock: 1936 Susan Williams (C/O Adrian)  


Our thanks to everyone who supported the draw this year, from all on the Tote Committee. 


Tote Committee Light up Snarestone (7/12/08)

You may or may not have noticed as you made your way home in the darkness this week, that there is a festive glow emanating from the trees by the Parish Notice Board on Main Street. The lights, purchased with funds raised by the Tote Committee, were put up with the aid of the Davies' by committee members to add some cheer in these dark times of credit crunches and recessions. Running off a committee members mains, they wont cost the villagers a penny!

The Tote is run every Sunday evening from The Globe, with the numbers drawn at 21:30. If you would like to enter a line of numbers, come down and see us, or contact one of the Tote committee members. Any proceeds made, go towards providing the Children and OAP's of the village with a Christmas Party and a Summer Mystery trip. More details can be found throughout this website, or from any of the committee members. Alternatively, you could email us here at



Twelfth Night Party at The Church, 6th January, 2009 (3/12/08)

On Tuesday 6th January 2009 there will be a twelfth night party at the church with home spun entertainment. We would be pleased  to hear anyone's  idea for a  theme. Twelfth night is based on a pagan festival,  but it must be realised  that there is a limit to how far we can go in emulating a pagan knees up. The type of food has not been decided but as usual we shall have plenteous Bacchanalian libations on a sale or return basis from Tesco. We shall require contributions by way of entertainment. We don't need any more of the following:-
a)Holders of  the rope for the trapeze artists,
b)Sweepers up after the Chinese plate spinning act,
c)Standby medical staff for the  sword swallowing contest

I have come up with the idea of a Mumming competition. Anyone interested in entering a team of 5, please contact me on 01530 272392.


Spooky goings-on (31/10/08)

 For some, it was a normal night at The Globe. A Friday night pint with friends was a very pleasant way to spend the evening especially as outside, it was a bitter cold night. But inside, the log burner was glowing away at its best, and the atmosphere was particularly cosy.

So cosy in fact, that whilst passing through our sleepy village, a gaggle of visitors saw an opportunity to park up their broomsticks, and warm themselves in the Lounge. (Totally undetected by the new Neighbourhood Watch scheme, how did they do that?!)

It must have been a busy night for them, for they didn't stay long. Or perhaps they were looking for a specific brew or ingredient that could not be found amongst the locals (Thankfully!) and with a puff of smoke and some mild cackling, the visitors were gone. We all checked, and fortunately no-one was left with legs of frog or similar, thank goodness they only appeared to be on blackcurrant J2o and not the Hobgoblin on offer that night.

We hope they enjoyed their visit to Snarestone. 


Bonfire Night

The Snarestone Tote Committee are again proud to announce their Annual Bonfire night event at The Globe. It will be on Saturday 8th November, from 6pm, with the bonfire lit at 6:30pm and fireworks at 7pm. There will be an outside BBQ as before. Its a 'proper' traditional bonfire night for all the family, so why not come along, £4 adults, £2 children and OAP's or £10 for a family ticket (2 adults and up to 3 Children/OAPs).

This will be the fourth year the Tote Committee has organised this event in its current run in co-operation with The Globe, and if last year is anything to go by, get there on time to park and enjoy the atmosphere.

Any profits made will go towards the children and OAP's Christmas party.

See  Village Events for pictures from previous years.


Neighbourhood watch Warnings. (23/08/08)

On Saturday 9th. August at approx. 03.00 two car side windows were broken in Main Street. It appears the object of interest to the would be thief is sat-nav equipment. It is not only the visible sat-nav, but also the sight of suction cup marks on the windscreen which might indicate a sat-nav in the glove compartment, that attracts this attention. Please be aware.
During this week one of our elderly neighbours had a visit from a couple of young men asking to be allowed into the house in order too get water for their car radiator. This may have been genuine but Police advise that no stranger should be allowed into our houses under any circumstance and that they should be informed if we are concerned.

Book Your place on the Village Mystery Trip (4/6/08)

If you live the village, you should have had a leaflet like this one posted through your letterbox this week.

(If you haven't, please let us know!).


It is your invite to the annual Village Mystery Summer Trip, to a seaside location for the day. The trip is free to all pensioners and children under 16 from the village, and involves a coach departing from the Globe at 07:00, returning approx 7-8pm that evening.


Photographs from previous visits can be seen on this site under "Village Events" if you want to get a feel for what the trip is all about. This is a tradition of the village and is now maintained by the current Tote Committee with funds raised by the weekly Tote drawn in the Globe on a Sunday evening, and by other fund raising events run throughout the year, also detailed on this site.


Previous trips have sampled the delights of Cleethorpes, Bridlington, Southport, Weston Super Mare, Hunstanton to name a few, so who knows where we may end up this year?! The Committee don't know yet, so it really will be a mystery.


If you are interested, book as soon as possible by Contacting Adrian on 273512. You do need to book in advance.


If you would like to know more or would like to enter the Tote draw, please contact us here through the website or contact one of the Tote committee members.



British Summer Time Begins (6/4/08)

Exactly one week after the clocks went forward to British Summer Time, Snarestone woke up to its heaviest snowfall of the winter. The snowy night was followed by a clear sunny day, so by lunchtime, all that remained of the snow was what could be found lurking in a shady spot, but there was still plenty to occupy the villages children on the last day of their Easter holidays.


If you were up and about with your camera (Earlier than I was!), please send in your pictures.


Paul Barnard has, click here to see them.



Dog Control Orders (1/4/08)

Please note that new legislation is currently under consideration.


The new powers are to be made in respect of land which is open to the air and to which the public are entitled or permitted to have access (with or without payment).


There are five offences which may or may not be prescribed in those orders:


(a)     failing to remove dog faeces

(b)     not keeping a dog on a lead

(c)     not putting and keeping a dog on a lead when directed to do so by an authorised officer

(d)     permitting a dog to enter land from which dogs are excluded

(e)     taking more than a specified number of dogs onto land


There are certain types of land that are exempt from Dog Control Orders, namely woodland, marshland, moor land, common land, agricultural land, privately owned gardens and Forestry Commission land because of the practicalities of trying to enforce the control orders on open, unfenced land.



Enforcement by Fixed Penalty Notice


The Dog Control Order enables Councils to set their own Fixed Penalty Notice within a range of £50-£80. While the power to prosecute persons will remain, this will only be pursued in the event of non-payment of a Fixed Penalty Notice.



Full details available from Mike Allen (Clerk to the Snarestone Parish Council) at 73 Main Street.



Litter Pick (9/03/08)

The villages first ever litter pick was organised by Jim and Sue Kendrick on Sunday, 9th March. It was supported by approximately 20 people who worked hard for 3 hours clearing the village of an amazing amount of litter.

Their efforts are appreciated by all who live in the village and can be seen in the village events pages on this site.

Well done Jim and Sue!


Easter Duck Race (21/01/08)


This year’s event has been re-scheduled for Easter Monday, March 24th at 15:00. The venue is a twisty section of the river, where it crosses the B4116, between Snarestone and Measham, about a quarter of a mile down from Davies farm. The course covers the now famous stretch of ‘rapids’ known as “The Runs” which comes immediately after “Curry Corner”.

Previous events have been well attended, with the banks lined with spectators

If any profits are made, they will go to Snarestone’s Children and OAP fund.

Further details and pictures of past events can be seen in "village events"


Ducks are available to sponsor for the race at £1 per duck. If you are interesting in supporting the cause and standing a chance of winning a large cash prize, please contact your local ‘DuckRep’ or email us at


1st Prize - £150

2nd Prize - £75

3rd Prize - £25

Last duck - £50


Results will be announced on after the race.

Grand Christmas Draw 2007 (2/12/07)

The draw was made in front of a live audience at this years Christmas Party on 1st December at Norton Juxta's Village Hall.

The Tote Committee would like to pass on its Thanks to everyone who has supported the draw over the years.

If you would like to enter the tote, please contact us on the website or ask any of the Tote committee members listed in Tote committee

Here is a list of the lucky winners, pulled out of the Tombola by all the children at the party on the evening.


Portable Combi TV (2438) Dan Bates.

DVD Player   (977) Ellis/Lara Gee

Christmas Hamper (1667) Luke Beasley

Beauty Rooms Voucher (2002) Ron Evans

Bag of Potatoes (2015) Mildred Evans

Plant Michael O'Grady

Quality Street Nathan Bach

York fruits  Doug and Flo Barnard

Chocolate Mints Steven 'Chubb' Saunders (Subject to confirmation)

Cava Doug and Flo Barnard

Whiskey  Jane Boam

Red wine  Joanne Timson

Quality Street Paul Barnard

Biscuits Anne Massey

Whiskey and Martini  Jessica Needham

Liquors and Chocolates    Norman Ripley

Chocolate Fondue    Rachel Brown   

Christmas pudding    Malcolm Boam

Quart of Stilton    Tim Archer    


Congratulations to all, and Thank you once again for all of your support.   



Bonfire Night, Saturday 3rd November, The Globe (6/11/07)

Snarestone Tote Committee would like to thank everyone who came and supported our Bonfire and Firework night at the Globe on Saturday 3rd November.


Thanks also to Dominic and his team for letting us use the pub and its grounds


The night was a great success with possibly our largest crowd since we restarted the event 3 years ago.


There was a disco in the car park and an outside bar, along with a BBQ to add to the entertainment.

We understand parking stretched some way back up the Main Street so we appreciate your patience in getting there, but hopefully all was well once in, as with a reduction in cars swinging in and out of the car park, it made for a safer environment for everyone to relax and enjoy the evening.


Although the pub is going through anther change of ownership this Christmas, we hope that we will be able to run the event again in 2008.


For more information see any of our Tote committee






Bonfire Night (10/9/07)

The Snarestone Tote Committee are again proud to announce their Annual Bonfire night event at The Globe. It will be on Saturday 3rd November, from 6pm, with the bonfire lit at 6:30pm and fireworks at 7pm. There will be the usual BBQ and a larger bar area this year to cater for the extra people. Its a 'proper' traditional bonfire night for all the family, so why not come along, £4 adults, £2 children and OAP's or £10 for a family ticket.

This year, there will be a disco after the fireworks.

Any profits made will go towards the children and OAP's Christmas party.

See  Village Events for pictures from previous years.

Snarestone Harvest Supper (5/9/07)

   Snarestone are once again holding their Harvest Supper.  The price will be £4.50 to include a Supper of Baked potatoes with Bean, Cheese, Mince or Chilli filling. Followed  by Apple pie and Cream. If your high principles are such that you cannot bring yourself to drink orange juice, copious quantities of red and white wine (of good quality, not the stuff that takes the enamel of your teeth) will be included in the price. Entertainment will be the usual homespun family party. We invite (beg) people to come forward to perform some party piece (poem, monologue trick, sing, play an instrument, human cannon ball act, (but try to stay within the church yard). It will also feature an accomplished guitarist from Australia who has arranged to be here for the occasion.)

I can already hear shouts of “ When and where?”   “Is this for me? “And “are there still some tickets?”

Yes to all these   In St Bartholomew’s Church 7.30. pm Saturday 22nd September. Yes  it’s a must for you, Yes we still have lots of tickets, So contact Pam and Norman 01530 272392 to say you’ll be coming and if you have one, tell us  you’ll do a party piece. It will be readily appreciated that as we will be trying to provide a variety of entertainment only one person will be needed to perform the Human cannon ball act.  Please ring Norman!!!!!


Summer Fair (29/08/07)

The summer fair now over and cleared away, there remain 2 unclaimed raffle prizes.

They are 63 on a violet ticket and 432 on a yellow ticket. If you can produce the matching counterpart, then let us know and claim your prize.

The closing date is midnight, 8th of September.

For pictures of the day, see Summer Fair.

Speedwatch (28/08/07)

As most of you will have noticed, there have been some volunteers loitering around the village with speed guns!

For an update, click here.

Mystery Trip 2007 (9/7/07)

This years Mystery Trip took a coach load of Snarestone folk all the way to Cleethorpes, for a bit of much needed sunshine. For some pictures, see Village Events and click on "mystery trip"

Duck Race results (8/4/07)

Results just in from today's duck race. Full report and pictures to follow.

1st Terry Needham        £150

2nd Bob Clarke               £75

3rd June Clarke               £25

Last Sophie Heath           £50  

Snarestone Village Summer Fair (2/4/07)

It has been a few years now since Snarestone Village held a summer fair. The event was always well supported and brought much of the village together with stalls and activities, music and entertainment, refreshments and competitions. We think it would be a great thing for the village to bring the fair back to life again this summer bank holiday weekend.

We are looking to form a new committee dedicated to running the summer fair, with assistance from the Tote committee wherever possible.

If you are interested in forming this committee or would be interested in helping in any way, please contact Richard on 272633 or Adrian on 273512 and we will get everyone together to start making plans.

Updates will also be posted on or email us at if you are interested.


Neighbourhood Watch (13/03/07)

Since Dave and Phyllis left these shores, there is now the need for a new Neighbourhood Watch Organiser in the village. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please contact Mike at Number 73 or telephone him on 272876.

Easter Duck Race (28/2/07)

Spring is on the horizon and despite ongoing worries about poultry in Norfolk, the ducks of Snarestone continue to flourish as they go through their training for this years event. Rumours are, that this will be the only race of the year, so organisers are expecting a strong entry. To this end, there is an extra cash prize of £50 for the duck deemed by the committee to be well and truly last.

Ducks will be available for sponsorship from the usual duckreps, and if you are unsure who they are, click on Tote committee, or email us here at

At £1 per duck, you could end up winning £150 for the first duck across the line, £75 for second and £25 for third, so its well worth while entering. You are also very welcome to come and watch, and see that there is no foul play on the day. The race is at 11:00 on Easter Sunday, 8th April 2007. If any profits are made, they will go towards the villages Children and OAP fund, which, in conjunction with the Tote, enables the under 16's and over 65's to go on a mystery trip in the summer and to have a Christmas Party in December. (See Village Events).

If you are interested in entering the weekly Tote draw or would just like more information, feel free to discuss it with the duckreps, Tote committee members or email us here at the website.

Click here to see the poster advertising the event.

For some pictorial memories of recent races, click on Village Events.



Ducks For Hire!

Do You Need a few hundred ducks for the afternoon? With the duck racing season being so short, some of the ducks have been suffering from itchy webbed feet. If you are interested in hiring the ducks for a race of your own, contact us at and we can discuss it further.



Grand Christmas Draw results (10/12/06)

1st Prize Portable Combi Colour TV - 4684 - Judy Mugleston

2nd Prize DVD Player - 5977 - Dee (The Globe)

3rd Prize - Christmas Hamper - 3887 - Dan Bates

4th Prize Beauty Hamper - 5440 - Elizabeth O'Grady

5th Prize Bag of Potatoes - 3827 - John Owen

Further Prizes;

Chocolates - Chris Boam

Millenium Mug Tree - Paul Barnard

Millenium Mug Tree - Luke O'Grady

Ginger Wine - Alice Gee

Kens Beer and wine donation - Jack/Adrian Gascoyne

Quality Street - V. Southey

Christmas Cake -Mrs Mugleston

'Ghost', for Men - Simon Boam

2 Bottles of Fizz - R Johnson

Chocolate Biscuits - Steve Fletcher

Chocolates - P. Greenfield

Scented Candle - Rigby

Bottle of Hock - David Lodge

Harveys Bristol Cream - Norman Ripley

Notepad/pencil set - Josie

6ft Orange Cuddly Shark - D. Baldwin


Prizes will be distributed as soon as possible to those who weren't present at the draw.


The committee would like to thank everyone for their kind donations of prizes and all those who bought tickets. Your continued support is much appreciated.

Grand Christmas Draw 2006 (27/11/06)

Its that time of year again, when the Old Folk and Children of Snarestone are treated to a Christmas party and a visit from Santa himself. As on previous years, the Grand Christmas Draw will take place on the evening for its usual wide variety of prizes, on Saturday, 9th December.

Tickets are available from the Tote committee who will be more than happy to sell you one for 20p or a book of 5 for £1. For photographs of last years party see village events , and for a list of prizes won last year, look for the list of winners from last year, further down this page.

If you don't know anyone on the committee, please email us at and we will be able to sort you out with any Christmas Draw tickets you'd like!

Thank you for your continued support.

Snarestone Tote Committee.

Autumn Duck Race results (22/10/06)

After a week of very wet weather, the river was running very fast and quite deep, which led to a very fast race. It took approximately 15 minutes for the winning duck to cross the line, but not without the usual drama of breakaway ducks snagging at the last corner and large hold ups on the slower bends. For pictures of the race, click here.  Results as follows;

1st Duck - 227 - Holly Barnard.  £150

2nd Duck - 134 - Bob and June Clarke   £75

3rd Duck - 436 - B. Adams (Ibstock Brick)  £25


Thanks to everyone who sponsored the ducks for your continued support of the event.

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2006 Bonfire night at The Globe (added 10/10/06)


Snarestone Tote Committee will be staging their annual Bonfire and Fireworks event on Saturday, November 4th at the Globe Public House, Snarestone. Gates open at 6pm and the bonfire will be lit at 6.30pm, the fireworks will start at 7pm.

Tickets are £3 for Adults, £1 for Children, £6 for a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) and it is £2 for OAPs.

All profits go towards the Children’s and OAP’s Christmas Party and Summer Mystery Trip.


         For some pictures from last years event,  click here.



The Tote committee will be available to collect any unwanted timber that is fit to burn on the bonfire prior to the event.

If you live in the village and want us to take it away for you, please let one of the committee know, or email us at and we will endeavour to take it down to the fire, usually on the morning of the event.



2006 Autumn Duck Race (Added 19/9/06)

Back by popular demand, the Snarestone Duck Race returns to the River Mease on Sunday, 22nd October 2006 at 12:00.

The Spring race bought out a good crowd, so if you would like to watch this Autumns event, come along to the meadow where the river crosses the B4116 between the Red Bank turn and Davies Farm. To support the event by sponsoring a duck, contact any of the Tote Committee who will be able to help. For photographs of the Spring event, click here.

New Tables on the Conery (Added 9/7/06)

If you have been by Conery recently, you will have noticed the arrival of two sets of park tables and seats. These were purchased by the Parish council, and have been there for about a month. In order to keep the site tidy and to prevent them getting over grown with grass, a working party was gathered earlier this week to set them in place.

To see the work in progress click here.

Summer 2006 Events (Added 11/6/06)

There are two events planned for this summer that you may wish to support. The first is run by the village's Junior Football Committee and celebrates the three junior teams that are run from Snarestone. It will be a great afternoon of football, food and drink for all members of the family and will serve as a good way of getting in the mood for the World Cup Final later that evening.

Then the following week is the Snarestone Village Mystery Trip. This is one of the main events of the year run by the Tote Committee and along with the children's and Oap's Christmas party, is mainly funded by the activities, events, prize draws and duck races run by the committee throughout the year. As before, it is free to all children and OAP's in the village, with a charge of £10 for adults and £5 for non-village children. If the weather stays fine, its always a great day out and the coach is usually back in the village by approx 7-8pm.  See below (Snarestone Mystery Trip (20/7/05)) for last years trip to Southport.

If you have any questions, or to make sure of your place on the above, please feel free to contact any members of the Tote Committee

May Day Duck Race Results (Added 01/05/06)

This years Duck Race was another great success, with all the ducks sponsored, so none were racing without backing! Glad of a day out, and encouraged by some overnight rain, the ducks set off at an unusually quick pace, with many of the early leaders showing inexperience and becoming the first ones to get stuck in the branches and reeds. Despite a torrential downpour of rain towards the end of the race, there was a record crowd out to see the event, which we are glad to say passed by with no major incidents! All ducks, children and dogs were accounted for at the end of the day. The winners are as followed;

1st Prize of £150 - Mr I. Shaw, Alliance &Leicester, C/O Richard.

2nd Prize of £75 - Bill Evans, C/O James Hunt

3rd Prize of £25 - Charlie Oaks, C/O Adrian.


Thanks to everyone who supported the event, especially those who got wet whilst adding to the atmosphere on the day!

Your support is much appreciated.


For some photographs of the day, click here.

Its Duck Race Time Again

(Added 6/4/06)

Spring time sees the University Boat race, The Grand National, The London Marathon and of course the Snarestone Duck Race. This years event is currently scheduled for the Monday Bank Holiday of May 1st, at Midday. The venue is a twisty section of the river, where it crosses the B4116, between Snarestone and Measham, about a quarter of a mile down from Davies farm.

The ducks are ready, although they are being kept inside at the moment due to government regulations over the recent discovery of Avian Flu in Scotland. Hopefully all will be well for the race to go ahead, watch this space!

Ducks are available to sponsor for the race at £1 per duck. If you are interesting in supporting the cause and standing a chance of winning a large cash prize (See last years winners at the bottom of this page), then please contact a Tote Committee member if they haven't already cornered you!


Snarestone on the Television!

The following was spotted recently in the local press... (Thank you Paul!)

"Artists have shown the plans for the development of a new £10 million wharf in Measham.
The new terminus will connect the North West Leicestershire village to the 2000 miles of existing canals across the country, via an aquaduct.
The development of the canal, made successful by the first ever Transport and Works Act Order for a canal, will begin in earnest next month as a site investigation, archaeological digs and conservation work begins.
The Ashby Canal will feature on an ITV programme next month.
Filming for the ITV1's Waterworld, to be aired at 7:30pm on February 9th, took place at last years Moira Canal Festival.
The filming included a boat journey from Shackerstone to Snarestone and then a walk along part of the canal route through Measham to Donisthorpe and Moira.
The film included meetings with county councillor Ernie White and Ashby Canal Project Officer Geoff Pursglove.
Brian Waring from the Ashby Canal Trust, said "We hope it will help put the project on the map and also give people an idea of what the restoration is all about""

(Added 23/1/06)

Christmas Concert at St Bartholomews Church

On Sat. 17th Dec we are having a Christmas Concert. Breedon Handbell Ringers plus a Snarestone Choir will entertain and possibly some participation. There will be wine and festive nibbles. Starting at 7.30pm. Good value at £4.00. Everyone welcome.

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St. Bartholomews Burial Ground Work

Great things are at last happening in the burial ground. The fencing people have started, nay almost completed the  wooden fence for the extended burial ground (See picture below). The Wrought iron gates, The supporting wrought iron pillars and the new wrought iron fence which will front the road  are in the process of being made and installed.  The ironwork is being made in the village by Messrs Clamps who have spent considerable time and discussion in the design. They are most impressive and will add greatly to the approach to the village.

The new area of land  which will be  sufficient for many years to come was generously  given by Mr Will Statt. who has told us also  that  he will maintain the associated hedge (which was a condition of planning consent) for ten years.

The financial support which the Parish church receives in gifts and covenants from people of the  village had to be diverted to make  it possible to retain this facility for the  benefit of people of Snarestone. This burial  ground will remain under the control and be available to the village for the foreseeable future. Without  the village  generosity the burial ground would have closed  and burials taken place elsewhere.

The next step is to have the Bishop to consecrate the  site.


Norman Ripley, Church Warden for St Bartholomews, Snarestone.

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Children and OAPs Christmas Party 2005.


As ever, this years party at Norton Juxta Twycross Village Hall was enjoyed by all who attended. Everyone must have been good this year again, as Santa once again made it on time. There are some pictures of the evening available by clicking here.


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Grand Christmas Draw 2005


1st Prize  -  Portable Combi Colour TV - Judy, Quarry Lane (Number 3647)

2nd Prize -  DVD Player - Jessica, c/o Joan H. (2472)

3rd Prize -  Christmas Hamper - The Davies Family (2794)

4th Prize - Beauty Voucher - Paul Barnard  (4192)

5th Prize - Bag of Potatoes - Jenny Dean (2227)

6th Prize - Sherry - Jane Davies  (2851)

7th Prize - Quality Street - Jo Timson (838)

8th Prize - £5 Argos voucher - Claire Barnes (4895)

9th Prize - Tube of Chocolates - Crowsons, Main St. (3554)

10th Prize - Chocolate Mints - Matthew Evans (942)

11th Prize - Mince Pies - Luke O'Grady (3403)

12th Prize - Biscuits - Mr Coles c/o Gazza (3836)


The prizes will be distributed as soon as possible this week.

Thank you to everyone who supported the cause.

Tote Committee

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Bonfire Night, Saturday November 5th.

This year saw the return of a Bonfire and Firework night to The Globe, as Jez and Dee assisted by the Tote Committee, hosted the event on Saturday 5th, in the grounds to the rear of the pub. It was a very successful evening as the weather stayed dry despite everything the forecasters had promised us. The turnout was excellent, with an estimated 250 - 300 people supporting the cause. The proceeds will now go towards making this years Children's and OAP's Christmas party a special one. Many thanks to all who came and supported us, we hope you had a great evening.

For more pictures from the evening, click here.

(Added 9/11/05)

Snarestone Children and OAP's Christmas Party

The Christmas Party this year will be on Saturday, December 3rd at Norton Village Hall.

Could all those of you who have received your invites/present selections, please return them to Mr Michael O'Grady, The Hovel, Measham Road, Snarestone by Saturday 5th November, so that he can get them sent off to Santa in good time.


Harvest Time (13/09/05)

The Harvest  Supper will be held in Snarestone  Church on Friday Night 23rd September at 7:30 pm. With hot food, a glass or two of wine and great family entertainment.  All this for £3.50.
         The entertainment is provided by anyone who can sing a song ,recite a poem, tell a story, play an instrument. etc So if you have a party piece,  contact Norman Ripley on 272392 and you will be a star overnight.
STOP PRESS!  We are hoping to have the inaugural performance of the Snarestone Hand Bell Ringers.
The Harvest Festival will be held on the 25th September  at 10.30 a.m. when there will be a Dedication of the Kneelers. These have been made by a wide circle of  friends of the little church of St Bartholomews who have given a great deal of time  and effort. This started as a millennium project but due to the work involved  is only just now complete.
The different designs thought out by those involved make interesting inspection.  

Snarestone Mystery Trip (20/7/05)

On Saturday 9th July, the Annual Snarestone Village Mystery trippers gathered outside the Globe, ready to board the coach, unaware of this years destination. The coach (And additional 7-seater - Thank you Simon!) headed North West this year to the rejuvenated seaside town of Southport. There was something for everyone; roller coasters for the teens, a pier, donkey rides, beach for the families, and a lovely town centre with gardens with a boating lake for those who didn't want to get sandy! The weather was magnificent and it soon became clear on the bus home who had forgot their sun cream!

This event is run annually using funds raised by the Tote. It is free for under 16's and over 65's from the village, with a small charge for all others, if you would like more information on the Tote, or would like to take part in the weekly draw, please contact us on 

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Road works/Waterworks (24/6/05)

The recent road works to modify the village's water pipes are now complete. Main street was closed for approximately two weeks while the work was carried out. The work did not go without incident, however, as the list of 'casualties' of the work is growing. Incidents known so far;
  • One Gas main cut.
  • One BT cable cut.    
  • One House flooded. (Pressure surge from reconnection)
  • Two showers damaged.
  • Two toilet cisterns damaged (Same reason as above)
  • One car in a hole!  










Do you know of any others? Let us know!


The Snarestone Duck Race:   (29/5/05)                                                                         

The Snarestone Tote Committee ran another successful Duck Race on Sunday 29th May 2005 at 10:30. The venue was a twisty section of the river, where it crosses the B4116, between Snarestone and Measham. The race ran for about 30 minutes, and one observer described this years race as 'A bit slow' compared to other years!

After a 'Tapping-up' enquiry and rumours of race fixing were fully cleared, the results are as follows;

1st £150.00   no.  182 – Ron C/O M. Hassall

 2nd £75.00   no. 61 – Cass Dyer C/O Adrian

3rd £25.00    no. 66 – Karen Martin C/O Adrian


Many thanks to all who supported the event.


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