Community Speed Watch Update

In response to our recent petition, over 80% of the village have agreed we have a problem with speeding vehicles.  As a result of further dialogue with the N.W. Leicestershire County Council it was agreed that monitoring of the village would take place between Monday, 23 July and Friday, 17 August 2008.  This would take the form of mounted detectors and hand held speed guns which would monitor speeds through the village at differing times and places in order to gather data which would then be sent to the Council for analysis.

It has been confirmed that no prosecutions would result from these detections although the police would write to offenders advising them of their offence and encouraging them to consider their speeds in the future.

The monitoring has now come to an end and the data has been sent to the Council for analysis.  They anticipate this will take a few weeks, by which time they will send a report of their findings, conclusions and recommendations.  These will be posted upon this web site and a notice placed into the village notice board.

Thanks to everyone in the village for their patience and understanding over the last few weeks.

****Update - July 2009****

Further to our on going battle against speeding traffic through the village, Leicestershire County Council have agreed to use Snarestone as part of a pilot scheme to determine the effectiveness of Vehicle Activated Signs. The pilot will take the form of a post being placed on the curb about 100mts. inside the western boundary of the village on Main Street. On the post will be a monitoring box which will record data as to the amount of speeding traffic detected passing by and a small screen which will either flash back the speed detected or flash back a 30 warning sign. The signs will be in place early August and will stay there around five weeks upon which time the data will be collected and analyse to determine the effectiveness of them.
We are one if only four villages in Leicestershire to run the trial and therefore feel it a bit of a coo for the efforts of the speed watch volunteers and the Parish Council according to the mandate given to it by them by the villagers of Snarestone to reduce speeding traffic through the village.
The end prize will be to persuade L.C.C. to fund a permanent warning devise in the village. Further details are available upon request.